Thank You For Your Prayers For me and my Family Team

See a free download link here!I told you I had a sickness that I am getting over now, I had a problem with my throat and I seen a doctor and a specialist to save my voice: However yesterday I got so desperate with is I stuck a fork down my throat and in my mouth came blood, and then I got a electric tooth brush and put that down my throat and to-day I am in recovery mode because i think I got out whatever it was that was blocking my voice in the throat. I knew that was desperate measures but it was a desperate situation that the so called experts did not know what to do without a operation. Now I feel better I feel free of some thing and I am in recovery from some object that was stuck in my throat? My wife can see the serious side of this but she also could see the funny side of this she said she wish she did shoot a video the whole thing because she was a witness to what I did and she seen the results and also an abject that I pulled out of my throat was like a skin of the prawn pink like the inside of my throat, that is why the doctors could not see it? Well its out now without an operation but still a bit tender......I lost 2 kilo in weight any way huh. Thank you Jesus for delivery even though it was a bit dramatic, I really do thank God for this new found freedom. I am available for Weddings again and special events giving all the Glory to God, and thanks to all my friends whom helped me when I was sick. Amen. (Please see video below)

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