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The Greatest True-Stories Ever Told!: How To Receive Covenant Prosperity Fom God (Part T...

The Greatest True-Stories Ever Told!: How To Receive Covenant Prosperity Fom God (Part T...: 2016 to 2018 Will Be Our Best Year For Evangelism World -Wide Will You Be Part Of This? put you name on this auto-responder for our mail... This is my updated video for 2015-2016 & 2017 People need the Lord. The Ebenezer Series (part 1) (part2) (part 3) . (Part 4) The Ebenezer Series (part 5) (part 6) amplified version of Ebenezer 6. This video is part a favorite Series called: Ebenezer (series) Ebenezer is a Rock put there in Mizpha= means help, peace, Salvation, and reminds everyone of the victories over the Philistines & restoration brought to Israel by God. This stone is still there to-day as a reminder…

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Video Training Seminar- for more intro's to Video Training School

Introducing a “Mature Your Christianity Boot camp" is a "Video Training School" you can enter by being on the mailing list at we shall be going live around the world via telecasts video training Seminar to be announcing soon. Be on the mailing list so you don’t miss out? Subject: get involved with “” Mature Your Christianity Boot camp Seminar" Put Your details in the auto-responder "Jesus and the Word are One"

Its Good Being The House Of The Lord (PART1