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This is our latest fanclub page (click here) Books Can be ordered to your door delivery within days.(Click Here) For the last few years,missionaries have found it necessary in selling various types of books to enable them to raise the money needed to minister the word of God to those who are yet to be reached. These books are mostly in the form of e-books, autobiographies and hard copies. They teach about religious history and quite a number of other things which have taken place around the world in the past 25 years. These books also carry teachings about evangelizing the word of God in some minor countries within the Asian continent They have been written by a Reverend who is a knowledgeable writer and laden with information for those who really wish to learn more about God's goodness. "We Live In Prophecy Every Day" is the title of this book talks about how Ïron Sharpens Iron" are you the iron that God needs to forge into shape before he can use you.From the same author as the book "Will You Be A Horse For God" with the same theme and with the Prophets giving more details of (how to Be excited everyday!)See this book with a special price on this site>
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