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Shopper Dropper Service

How To Be Christian Without Being Religious! More Detail How To Be Christian Without Being Religious! By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.] Paperback: $18.79 (excl. GST) Prints in 3-5 business days The manuscript of this book is already gone to India & Kenya and Uganda,and Australia to be published in other languages so I hope you enjoy this book no matter what language and not matter what Location we are a Missionary Family situated in Australia 2017. This series of Books & videos are made as a fund raiser for our growing media congregation all funds go to those that are in need of restoration from floods and earthquakes, in the South-East-China-Seas. We also are praying for all our growing mailing list, where God is meeting the needs of those people through the prayers we pray in agreement with Gods Word. The Anointing through God's Word is tangible and transferable and received by people whom have faith to receive. (Romans 1:11) We impart the spiritual gif…